We provide Architectural designConstruction EngineeringStrategic Planning and Project Management services guided by the practical experience in the use of building information modeling (BIM). The interoperability between systems allows us to make compatibility of all new projects: initial studies, architectural design, definition of the construction system, conception of additional design, electrical, plumbing, industrial and environmental design interconnected via parametric relationships that allow to identify conflicts and errors in the production of costs before the construction stage. We create the model of central representation of processes of construction, installation, operation and of all the life cycle of the building that allow to make changes in the future.


With the modern and automated management systems, the company is structured administratively and operationally in its own building place. We work synergistically with the customer to ensure the excellence in the processes of specification, procurement and supply of materials and equipment at the construction phase and at the beginning of operation to deliver the object ready for use.


With the systems of integrated analysis we can identify the possibilities of growth, needs of services of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance in building systems.